Music can really get your employees motivated to partake in your company event to celebrate someone's promotion, winning a new client, winning back a former client, or a party, training program, or just a get-together to motivate "the troops."

Our light show has the added effect of transcending a mediocre event to one of stellar and long-lasting proportions. Afterall, your event has many facets, such as smoothing over tensions from the hurricane, or maybe because you have been short-staffed (and continue to be), or suppliers can't get product to make your customers happy again.

We are here for you and want to be there for you. Once you have set your date, we can work with you on a musical program to further your cause. Our light show is included, depending on your needs and if the light show will be a supporting aspect of your program.

Yes, special events include private parties, reunions, association events, etc. Wherever there is a group without music, we show up with music...and a superstar light show!